Let’s go swimming!! - Colegio El Pilar
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Let’s go swimming!!

Today, we had a great day. Firstly, we got divided in two groups. In my group, we had to work with students from other countries and work together in order to find out what’s wrong with the diet they had given us. Afterwards we went cooking, It was pretty easy, we cooked carrrot bread. Furthermore,we went to an island called Suomenlinna. We had lots of fun there, even though som of us fell asleep while watching a video. Once we got back to Helsinki, we met our correspondents and went to a sauna. In the sauna there was a cold swimming pool as well and som of us got in!! Finally we all went to a shopping center and had dinner.

Hoy ha sido un gran día, primero hemos hecho una actividad en la que con gente de otros países teníamos que concluir el problema que había a en una  dieta que nos habían dado. Posteriormente hemos cocinado pan de zanahoria, ha sido divertidísimo  y fácil. Después de comer nos hemos ido a una isla que estaba bastante chula. Allí hemos visto un documental sobre la historia de la isla. Al volver a Helsinki, nos hemos reunido con nuestros corresponsales y hemos ido a una sauna que tenía  piscinas caliente y fría externas. Por último, hemos ido todos a un centro comercial a cenar.