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Beware of Captain Hook!

Last February we enjoyed an English play called “Neverland”. This play tells the story of Peter Pan. La Tourné Teatro acted for us.

In preschool we all love theatre and stories, so we were all looking forward to attending Neverland’s play. But to everybody’s surprise this play was much more amazing than what we expected.

Apart from the actors’ impressive costumes and the beautiful scenography, we were struck by their voices and choreography. In fact, this was no ordinary play, but a musical play.

I must confess that, before the show, we were a little bit concerned about our students’ ability to understand the dialogue and the plot, but thanks to the actors’ excellent performance and expressive skills, everyone understood what was happening.

Our favourite part was when the crocodile ate the mean Captain Hook, it was well deserved!

So all in all, we had a great time.

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